Joseph Schreiner presentation at the American Association for the Advancement of Science


Joseph Schreiner, Patent Agent offers the following patent prosecution services for individuals, organizations and intellectual property law firms both within and outside of the United States:

These patent prosecution services include:

I offer services for individuals, organizations and intellectual property law firms outside of the United States who speak German, French, Spanish or English. I file non-US patent applications written in these languages as patent applications with the USPTO. I also bring PCT applications written in these languages to national stage in the United States. I act as your agent within the United States before the USPTO.

For individuals, organizations or intellectual property firms based in the United States, I specialize in patents regarding medicine, medical devices, dentistry, veterinarian medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, computers and software.

My ability to read four languages puts me in a unique position of being able to integrate the results of patent searches in multiple foreign languages. I can translate patents, patent applications, file histories, prior art, patent litigation and patent-related correspondence from German, French and Spanish into English. I can present your non-English patent application to the USPTO.

Are you based in Chicago, IL USA? We can arrange for a face-to-face meeting to discuss your invention and appropriate patent prosecution.

Are you a small entity as defined by the USPTO? Or a micro entity? If so, you are entitled to reduced fees for some transactions with the USPTO. We can discuss this possibility in our initial consultation.

Do you have concerns about discussing your invention? Patent agents and attorneys are required by the USPTO to maintain the confidentiality of all information revealed to them, even if there is no practitioner-client relationship. Even so, for your peace of mind, I am willing to sign a confidentiality agreement before we discuss your invention. If you do not have a confidentiality agreement, I can provide one.